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O2XP is an IT services company mainly active in the financial industry in Luxembourg. O2XP helps his customers to deliver projects, foster innovation and empower technology.

O2XP is oxygen for your business.

What we offer

Services & Expertise

O2XP has gained sound expertise with Open Source frameworks and is delivering advanced IT services in industry standards languages and tools.


Api? Api Gateway? Micro-services? Serverless development? Java? Big Data? Spark? Angular? React? UX (User Experiences)? Let's get in touch. We have a solution for you.


You need to integrate your existing solutions? You need to communicate with other data providers? We have lots of expertise in these fields using Open Source tools and libraries.

DevOps, Agile, Automatisation

Our daily work in on the field. We are using the customer tools and procedures. We can help you to improve the processes (CI/CD).

Cloud (AWS, Azure)

So much to say there. From Lambda development to Ansible deployment and the use of Kubernetes (+ Docker) passing by Kong Api Gateway or AWS Api Gateway.

Need help ? Call us to +352 671 889 880.
O2XP is oxygen for your business.

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Our Mindset


O2XP's employees structure is perfect balance between young enthusiast engineers and senior experts.
O2XP promotes startup spirit by empowering employees iniatives; intensive trainings and flat management structure.

Day 1 Company

We are a Day 1 Company. Every day is a new day where experimenting, inventing and innovating is the norm. We help our customers through innovation.

Learn it all

We have a 'learn it all' culture where we practice the 4C leadership (creating, collaborating, changing and challenging).

Intelligent failure

We embrace intelligent failure where 'fail fast, fail cheap and move on' is a good rule for us and for our customers.


We trust our colleagues. We built the future with young and experienced people. Our customers embrace our dynamism, culture of innovation and share our successes.

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Young company, mix of youth and experiences, flat structure, tribe spirit where colleagues are human being.We are always looking for new experiences and motivated people. So what about you ?

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Hiring ... strong candidates welcome ! With or without experience. You feel you are the right person ? You have some doubts/questions ? Let’s get in touch !




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